2014 sewing resolutions

It might look like starting a blog is my new years resolution based on the date of this, my inaugural post. However, this is something I have been thinking about for a while because of some of the fabulous blogs I follow about sewing. I doubt I will match their fluency, sewing skills, or prolific posting, but I will give it a go, and if nothing else I will have a place to ponder on my projects…

So, my new years resolutions are;

  1. The wedding dress – this one has to be done! I have a deadline of 21st June. Plans are underway already, and I will be writing more about this soon.
  2. Finish what I started – I have several projects already underway with fabrics purchased and patterns prepared, I just need to get on with it. At least one of these was underway LAST new year, so it is time to get myself into gear.
    1. a kimono dressing gown
    2. waterproof trousers
    3. a green wool dress in
  3. Learn more about fabrics – the more I read about dressmaking on blogs and in books the more I feel I need to know more about fabrics. I know I probably need to use silk organza in my wedding dress, but I still don’t know what that is! My local fabric shop is great, but the labelling of the fabrics is somewhat lacking… I need to find out more from elsewhere so I can actually understand what is being discussed.
  4. Break bad habits – I have a terrible habit of sewing over the top of the pins which breaks many many needles and pins. I need to break this habit. I have recently seen a course on Craftsy by Janet Pray  which talks about sewing with fewer pins… I think I need to investigate.
  5. Try a refashion – for someone who shops a lot in charity shops I have, surprisingly, never done a refashion. I have been inspired by the refashion co-op, the refashion runway competitors, and the renegade seamstress. Now I need to try a refashion for myself.
  6. Share some knowledge – I have spent the last couple of years learning and experimenting with FBA’s, I think it is time to share some of this knowledge – one of the motivations for this blog.
  7. Learn to sew knits – I have only ever worked with woven fabrics, so I think it is time to expand out to knits – I have purchased the tiramisu pattern, and have also been inspired by the amazing dress Dibs made recently which has been added to my pattern stash.
  8. A replacement winter coat – one of my first ever projects was a winter coat which I have loved and been complimented on many times, however the fabric is starting to get worn, so I think its time to start work on a replacement in time for next winter.

So there we go. There are lots of other projects i would love to work on in my pattern stash… but i am trying to keep these resolutions managable and acheivable.

Happy new sewing year!


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