Colour palettes

I have been following Colletterie’s wardrobe Architect series with interest. This weeks post on colour palettes got me thinking.

I am quite happy with what colours suit me – a family friend assessed my colours some years ago and I am an autumn – blacks and pastels don’t suit me as they make me look washed out, and that definitely shows in my wardrobe – mostly rich strong colours. Interestingly Five commented on Sarai’s post that she feels her wardrobe is limited as she has mostly dark saturated colours – but although I have similar colours I don’t feel this – I think my colouring balances things out. Finding 20 colours for my palette was easy.

My colour palette

My wardrobe colour palette

Sarai divided her colours into neutrals, nearly neutrals, statement colours and metallics. this made sense to me, but when I went to divide my wardrobe into these categories it just didn’t work – I couldn’t divide the colours between nearly neutrals and statement colours. So I thought on it for a few days, and the conclusion I have come to is that I mentally divide up the colours differently – into warm colours (reds and purples) and cooler colours (blues and greens). I will mix anything within each of these categories (and with my neutrals), but I never mix the two categories. For example, my winter coat is purple, and my spring/summer coat is aqua green. I have a red, gold and purple hat and scarf set for winter, and an entirely different blue set for my spring/summer coat.



reds greens

Warm and cool colours.

who knew? I have learnt something knew about the way I build my wardrobe. Thank you Sarai.

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One Response to Colour palettes

  1. Béa says:

    Although I’m a Winter rather than an Autumn, I tend to wear colours in the same groupings like you do- all my pinks and purples go together and all my greens & blues go together. BUT I have realised that actually I do occasionally cross those two groups, so maybe I’ll wear purple with emerald green, or lilac with forest green. Those tend to be my “colourful” days, because often I’ll stick with my basic black as the main “goes with” colour!

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