Birthday baby clothes

index6115_env_front_1My youngest relative turns one soon, so I thought it was time to give her a present of some dresses. This was assisted by a sale on New Look patterns when I was buying some others, therefore in a bit of a impulse buy I bought New Look 6115 and 6903.


IMG_2914Buying fabric for this was fantastic fun – I got to choose between all the fabric I cannot wear as an adult. This lemon yellow fabric with elephants may be my favourite fabric EVER. It is too adorable. These dresses will be for summer, so I went with cottons.

Both these dresses are simple loose fitting dresses which hang off the yolks, so fitting was not an issue (and besides I didn’t have ready access for fittings). This meant the basic construction was very fast without fussing about fitting, it was also very fast as the seams were much shorter than my usual garments (I know this should be obvious, but I really noticed the difference). This made it more of a technical exercise than usual – a Great British Sewing Bee style test of skill. I think I failed.


Appalling. A zip seam with a zig zag in – this one got ripped out.

Firstly, I had to put a zip into the 6115 dress. I have been using invisible zips for years so it has been a long time since I put in a lapped normal zip. I messed it up THREE times. I have learnt so much about sewing in the past few years, but have forgotten this. I feel like I learnt to make a soufflé, and forgot how to boil an egg along the way.

My second failure was the stitching of the yoke for the 6903. Because this was such a small strongly curved piece it was a challenge – when I turned and pressed it, it was not the smooth curve that would have been desirable. After this I had to topstitch it. I can topstitch with a guide, but this required topstitching as close as possible to the edge of the curving yoke. It didn’t go smoothly – the stitch line wibbles and wobbles and ran off the edge a few times. Ah well, I don’t think anyone will look that closely (they will be too distracted by the cuteness of the elephants).IMG_2911

In the end I am very happy with these dresses – they were quick and relatively easy to sew, and I love how cute they are. I am really converted to baby clothes – they require minimal fitting, are quick because of the size, and you can use the most fun fabrics.


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