Preblog item: Aqua Robsen Coat

Wow, it has been a month since I posted anything. it’s not that I haven’t been doing anything, but I have been too busy to report. My waterproof trousers are finished, and the wedding dress is making progress. I will write a full post asap, but here is an old project in the meantime.

IMG_2894This is my spring/autumn coat which I sewed up last year and have loved since. It is the Robsen coat from Sewaholic patterns. As always Tasia has done a great job drafting this and I made very few changes. The fabric is a poly-cotton gabardine. When I started working on the coat I did some research and found out that gabardine is the traditional weave for a trench coat. The supply in my local store is limited,  but I got some samples from calico laine  and eventually settled on the aqua. I went for Poly-cotton mix rather than a pure cotton due to a comment by someone online who had owned trench coats made of both that the mix was lighter and did not hold as much water if it got wet. The coat is topstiched with a royal blue.

IMG_2893As the pattern is so good I have very little to say about the construction of the coat – it was nice and easy. None sewists are always impressed that I make coats – they seem to think they are harder than other items. As far as I am concerned  coats are the item that get the most wear from my wardrobe, so they are definitely worth the effort to sew.

There are a couple of edits I have made since finishing the project. The first was that the fabric was too slippery to tie the belt or to hold a belt buckle. Therefore I sewed a second belt with a strip of 50mm webbing sewed into the middle. This firmed it up allowing it to hold a belt buckle. The second was to shorten the belt loops as they were too long. The final one was to fix the top stitching on one of the pockets which was pulled undone. This was because I find the pocket entrance slightly narrow, if I were to sew it again, which I don’t intend to do for a few years, I would widen the pockets by an inch to allow a bit more space to put things in.

And finally one fun photo when I was spinning. Thanks to Nicole for taking the photos.:IMG_2896

PS, these photos were taken over a month ago – the daf’s have been and gone.

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