The Wedding Dress: The photos

I know I promised these photos before my honeymoon, but life got away from me. Here they are:

DSC_4911I was really pleased with my dress in the end I felt great, and I think it looked good
It was comfortable all day, even with all the boning and structure, which I was really happy about – wearing the corselet and shoes for trial days really paid off
The corselet worked great – the dress was anchored in place, with no need to worry about inappropriate drooping necklines
The sleeve system also worked well – the weather was warm, so it was great for my strap/sleeves during the day, I put my shrug on for a few minutes, but as soon as it cooled down we were dancing, so I didn’t need it on at all really


yes, I climbed over a fence to plant a tree during the ceremony. It had to be a practical dress!

For the hem ankle length worked perfectly – the hem skimmed the grass when outside, and didn’t get under my feet at all, in fact despite installing ties to get the skirt out of my way for ceilidhing, I didn’t need them at all – I could dance perfectly without hinderance, with the underskirt and full length skirt and loved doing so
I really enjoyed sewing with the organza and I think I learned a lot on this project overall

Having said all that there are a few things I would do differently if I were to do it all again, I am not going to call them regrets, but learning points.

  • I would use proper metal spiral boning – I can see that the plastic deforms one way and remains bent that way, whereas I think the metal would have more resilience
  • _DSC9228

    It worked great for celidhing – better than I could have ever hoped.

    I would put boob cups in the corselet to get an even closer fit, and so perhaps I wouldn’t have needed a bra

  • I might have used a back closure, rather than my side. I think the side works well for casual dresses for dressing yourself, but this had so many layers I needed help to get into it anyway, so having a back closure would have made that easier for my assistant
  • If I make a corselet again I would consider changing the closure method – I used a strip of hook and eye tape, which was a pain for those putting me in the dress, but did hold very well once closed. I am not sure what I would use instead – more research required
  • I would attach the waist stay last – mine was attached early on, and when the final dress was fitted it didn’t sit at my waist any more so it didn’t do up. I had no time to adjust it, so I just did without (and didn’t really notice the difference), but I would install it later next time to get the right fit
  • DSC_5270

    More excellent ceildhing. love my hair in this photo (note the ribbon tied in it, which is the same as I used on the dress). No, that isn’t Mr. Ellie in the background.

    Finally, I think I should have considered using a more forgiving fabric. I wanted to use silk because this is my wedding dress, and how many other chances will I get? However this was trickier to handle and made the final fitting adjustments harder as I didn’t want to unpick things as it left marks. In her book Claire Schaffer comments that “linen makes a perfect choice for many occasions – for example an outdoor summer wedding” and I think I should have listened to her – a beautiful fine linen or cotton would have still had a beautiful drape and been perfectly appropriate for my wedding in a field, but would have been easier to sew and adjust. I think using a more forgiving fabric would have made the sewing process easier, possibly quicker, and reduced my stress levels

But that aside, I still love my dress, and I am really proud of it.

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