Junk and Funk bargains

No, Junk and Funk is not a euphemism. A local establishment has started running a Sunday ‘Junk and Funk market’. It’s an upmarket car-boot sale. Without the cars. Last Sunday my mum decided to go have a look, so I figured I would go along since it was only 2 minutes from my house. I didn’t really expect to buy anything – to be honest I don’t have much use for junk type stuff – I go out looking for second hand things when I need them, and try to reduce my clutter otherwise. But I went along to have a look anyway. And around the first corner, look what I found:

IMG_0005YES! an adjustable tailors dummy! in my size!


IMG_0002I have been wanting a dummy for ages – I had been planning to make a duct tape one of myself, but then this one just fell into my lap for a bargainous price. Fully working and in great nick as far as I can tell.

The bust, waist, hips, neck, and height all adjust up to size 20, and there is even an adjustable hemming marker. I’ve put some of my homemade clothes on it, and they look pretty good. There are three minor issues so far:

  1. the length of the body isn’t adjustable, so my homemade clothes don’t fit perfectly as they bunch up at the waist. I still love it, but I need to be aware of this when using it to estimate fit.
  2. The bust is a b cup. therefore if I adjust the bust out to my bust measurement I will distort the rib cage for fitting. I plan to fix this by putting an old bra permanently on the dummy and stuffing the cups full of fabric scraps. This will allow me to keep the ridge cage the right size, while seeing how things fit the girls.
  3. IMG_0007I had to adjust the waist right out to the max, but not the hips or bust. This is reinforcing what I already know; that I carry weight on my waist and my waist measurement is not in proportion with my hips or bust

The (crazy) women who wanted to get rid of this beauty (crazy!) was so desperate to get rid of the stuff she had that she also threw in a pile of fabric she was trying to clear.




It looks like a lot, and it is a lot in meterage (probably close to a 100m of fabric all told), but as she told me – two thirds is poly lining fabric is various colours, or cheap poly fabric which I refuse to wear. However, this was free, so I figure even if I use it for making mockup garments, I will still be making good use of it.

There were a couple of standouts:

IMG_0013Usually I wouldn’t call these standouts, but these were the best in the bunch. They are both cotton, and there is at least six metres of both! I can definitely see me getting some work clothes out of these. The stripe in particular is very similar to several items of workware I have owned before.


IMG_0011This one stood out in a bad way. Not only does it have this stunning pattern, but it is corduroy!!! I have no idea what item of clothing that would be worn out of the house anyone would ever make with this!

Any ideas? If you can make something you will wear out of the house with this stuff, I will post it to you for your pleasure (as long as I get photos of the finished product). Comment below!





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