The Red Miette skirt: a pocket lovefest


The Miette’s first trip out to the Edinburgh festival. See the pocket love.

So my red Miette skirt is done. It was fast, but not quite as fast as I hoped due to a small fitting blip.

I used a red cotton twill I bought with this patten in mind a few months ago. It is a slightly heavier stiffer fabric which is perfect for this pattern – a stiffer fabric helps show off the pockets, which are the best. I love these pockets with a deep and abiding passion. If I wrote poetry there would be an ode to them in this post.

There is not much to say about the cutting out and most of the construction – it is fairly simple and the instructions are good.  My fabric was 60″ wide and even though I cut out the largest pattern size I managed to squeeze the pieces onto a piece of fabric folded in half by using a tiny bit of the selvages in the seam allowance and a small corner cut off the seam allowance in the largest piece – the skirt back. I finished the seams using a contrasting bias binding for a nice clean finish.

I haven’t actually made many skirts  since I started sewing – they are one of the few items that can actually fit me in RTW, so I tend to focus on items that I can’t buy easily (although I there are a few interesting skirts from Indie designers which are currently in my sewing queue). That being the case I didn’t bother making a mockup. I didn’t even check the finished garment measurements – a missed step too far.


See the gape in a too-large wrap skirt.

When I tried the skirt on in a mostly finished state I found that it was too big – as you can see in the photo (hurrah! new dummy!!!) it was gaping at the waist. Next time I would make one or two sizes smaller overall. I took the easy fix – unpicking the waistband slightly and folding in the edge of the back pieces. I decided not to make any adjustments to the ‘internal’ seams which involve the front pieces, as this would affect the alignment of the pockets – I figured I could fit the skirt without affecting this.




The final job (obviously) was the hem. this showed up some interesting fit issues. As you can see from the alignment of the hem bias binding (the right hand side outer curve) on the photo at the back the hem is as narrow as possible, while at the front it was about 2″ deep to make it level when wearing. I think there are two reasons for this

  1. a generously proportioned bum which pulls the skirt up at the back (I knew about this already)
  2. I think my waist is not level – I have suspected for a while that my waist is higher at the back than the front which pulls the skirt up further. I have read about this as a fit issue before, but I am not sure what the necessary adjustment is – some research required.

When I make this skirt again I would compensate for these in some way. I would also consider adding darts to the back piece to add a bit more shaping for my generous curves. And I will make it again – I am in love with the pockets so much. I love the practicality of big pockets to carry things in, or just to have my hands in them when standing around. I can see me making another version of this soon, possibly with a pattened fabric. I could also see a maxi version of this skirt in my future, I think that would be very cute.

I also want to say how much I love that this skirt is a proper wrap skirt with a tie – this is very forgiving fit wise, and if your weight is not entirely stable it allows for little ups and downs. I did consider replacing the tie with a button ala lladybird, but I am so glad I didn’t. I know many people like wrap skirts that are actually fixed in place, or surplice bodices, but I do love a real wrap that hugs the curves. Especially with pockets. Preferably huge pockets.


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2 Responses to The Red Miette skirt: a pocket lovefest

  1. Excellent skirt, and thanks for the construction tips–I just made a Miette with the same gaping issue, and was ready to wad it before finding your post! I can’t believe it came out too big in the waist, but I guess I will just have to bite it and unpick the waist and fold the side seam (or, horrors, unpick it as the my fabric is a twill that is a bit fiddly to work with).

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