Stripey-Flowery Tiramisu

When I made my dragon Tiramisu a few months ago I said I wanted to make the pattern again. I have said that a number of times about patterns, few of these promises of pattern repeats have come to pass as yet. I was determined this one would be different – after all the tiramisu only took me one day first time round.

IMG_0051The first time I made the pattern I had planned to make a ‘classic’ striped Tiramisu, but my wonderful and much worn dragon print waylaid me. Therefore, as soon as I finished the dragon dress I carried on the hunt for a striped knit. Again, what I found was not exactly what I went looking for, but I loved it nonetheless – especially since it was in a sale. This navy stripe has extra interest with red daisies overlaid. Tilly recently commented on her new love for stripes and flowers – since I bought this fabric several months ago, I am claiming trendsetting privileges. I love the pattern, but I have to say the fabric is a little on the light side – I am not sure the finished dress will be particularly durable, but we will see.

IMG_0048Before starting the dress I made a few pattern alterations based on my experience wearing my dragon dress.

  • retraced the bodice going down a size, and then did a FBA on this.
  • lengthened the bodice piece below the armholes
  • took away some (but not all) of the extra width I had previously added to the waistband pieces

The only change I made to the construction from last time was that I got hold of some Vilene Bias tape  which is essentially a strip of fusible interfacing with a reinforcing chain of stitching along it.

IMG_0029You fuse it along a seam line to reinforce it. I used this where advised in the pattern (shoulder seams and pockets) but I also applied it to the neckline. My dragon dress had definitely stretched along the neckline as I sewed it – it is still wearable, but I wanted to avoid the same issue. All evidence suggests that this worked. I also slightly shortened the neck band to ensure it fits closely to my chest, although I may have shortened this a smidge too far as the centre of the bodice pulls up slightly, but at least it is very firmly in place and no gaping is possible.

IMG_0081The sewing of this was fine as the first time, although this time I had to try to stripe match. I emphasis try. I was fairly successful on the front centre seams, but the side seams are not my finest piece of technical sewing. Not sure whether this is fabric or technique, but I figure life’s too short to worry too much about something that will probably never be noticed (plus unpicking my machine’s stretch stitch is an unpleasant step too far  for a quick and easy make).

IMG_0085 IMG_0053


Even though i went down a bodice size I still had to take some width off the side seams. I think next time I will go down a size for the skirt, and probably for the bodice too.





PS, I gave Dolly a budget boob job with an old bra and some fabric, do you like it?

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2 Responses to Stripey-Flowery Tiramisu

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  2. Mary says:

    This really suits you.

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