Maxi copper flowered Miette skirt

Copper-flowered-cotton-twill-fabric2-227x300I love the red Miette skirt I made, and it made me think about making one with a pattern or a maxi version. When I found this Copper-flowered cotton twill fabric on I decided to do both in one skirt. This twill is more medium weight with a soft drape, unlike the stiff heavy twill I used for my first skirt, so ideal for a maxi skirt.

On Dolly you can really see the great drape on this fabric.

On Dolly you can really see the great drape on this fabric.

Last time I cut a size 8 but ended up removing an inch from either side, taking it down to roughly a size 7. This is still not quite small enough, as I have to pull the waist ties to the minimum to get it to fit. Therefore this time I decided to cut a size 6. In the end this fits well, this is great for my ego, but it makes me think this pattern runs big as the listed waist size for a 6 is about 10cm smaller than my waist measurement. If you are making this pattern I would definitely recommend using the smaller size indicated by your measurements, and then check the finished garment measurements.

Another change I decided to make after my last version was to add some shape to the bum. I also need to add some length to allow for my large seat. I did both of these by adding darts to the back. I will put the details of this process in a separate blog post to prevent this one getting out of control.

The inside of the skirt showing the nice clean finish with bias tape.

The inside of the skirt showing the nice clean finish with bias tape.

To extend the pattern to maxi length I used Christine’s tutorial – it’s always nice to have someone else think through things for you, and she has a few really good tips, particularly using a piece of string to get an even hem. I did add a little too much length, possibly because I measured off my original skirt which is much stiffer – I had to cut 4 inches off to make the skirt roughly floor length.

With those pattern alterations made construction was very straight forward. I used a twin needle to do the top stitching and bias tape to finish the seams. I think bias tape makes a really nice clean finish on this skirt. For this maxi version I used most of 10m of tape.IMG_0655

For the hem length I made it roughly ankle length – this will be a skirt for the colder months, and living in a country famed for its rainfall I decided I need a little distance between the hem of the skirt and the ground.

I am really pleased with this skirt – it has a lovely flare and drape. The colours in the fabric are really great as well – with the copper and grey⁄green⁄blue background it will go with most things. And obviously, and most importantly, I have more huge pockets.IMG_0688IMG_0689IMG_0663

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2 Responses to Maxi copper flowered Miette skirt

  1. shirleygirly says:

    This works great as a maxi and goes perfectly with your new Renfrew. Very nice work. And you make me want to finish my seams with bias, it looks so much better than unfinished (which mine invariably are).

    Rainfall? What rainfall? 😉

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