New Year resolutions 2015

It’s been a while as I have been away for the holidays without internet, so I’m not going to do any kind of review of this years projects. However, one year ago I started this blog with some new years resolutions, I am pretty pleased with the blog, so how did I do with the resolutions?

  1. The wedding dressDone! I think it was a success, although it took me so much longer than I anticipated
  2. Finish what I started
    1. a kimono dressing gown
    2. waterproof trousers
    3. a green wool dress All done! And I currently have no UFO projects sat around… hurrah!
  3. Learn more about fabrics – I have done pretty well with this one – I made my fabric swatch book, and bought Clarie Schaffer’s Fabric Sewing Guide, so I am feeling much more informed, although there is still plenty of improvement possible
  4. Break bad habits – I have improved my habit of sewing over pins, but not broken it, and I have now discovered that I should not be backstitching at the end of my seams, so there is another habit to break.
  5. Try a refashion – not done, and I think this one will be on hold for a while as I have lost my inspiration (and charity shopping time)
  6. Share some knowledge – I have managed one or two tutorials, so some progress made here
  7. Learn to sew knits – this one has gone pretty well, with two tiramisu dresses, my Renfrew top, my V8711 skirt and several unblogged projects
  8. A replacement winter coat – this one is in progress and is one of my unblogged projects

So what about next year? I think I will make fewer resolutions, but here goes

  1. Adjustments – I have no current UFO’s lurking, but I have several previous projects which require some adjustments, or repairs and are currently sat in a pile. I need to take the time to fix these.
  2. Craftsy class – I would really like to take a craftsy class to improve my skills. I need to put some time aside for this.
  3. Catch up with blog posts – I have four or five posts in my head from recent projects and alone several in a half drafted state. Including my post about waterproof trousers. I need to catch up with these.
  4. Blog posts – this year I managed over 30 posts. Next year I want to aim for publishing one a week. This might be ambitious, but I want to give it a go for consistency.
  5. Book reviews – I own quite a few sewing books now, and I have enjoyed reviewing several, so I want to review some of the others.
  6. Break bad habits – this one is a continuation of last year, I need to break my habits of sewing over pins and backstitching at the beginning and end of seams.
  7. Me made May – I want to take part in Me made May – I was busy with my wedding dress and plans last year, this year I want to take part – I am sure I wear one me-made item everyday anyway.

So there we go! Resolutions made, onwards!


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