Grey striped Gabriola skirt


The back of the skirt on Dolly.

I made this before Christmas, but it hung on Dolly for over a month as it waited to be hemmed, so it’s been around a while but only worn for the last couple of weeks. The pattern is the Sewaholic Gabriola. I fell in love with this skirt when Tasia released it. I have only recently started wearing maxi dresses – primarily because I associated them with my school English teachers who were all late twenties (I concede my perception of age was distorted) so before a couple of years ago I felt that they made me look too old, I realise this is entirely personal preference but I have now embraced the maxi shirt with love – I think it helps that the patterns I have found for this are much more stylish and flattering than the styles I tried in earlier years.

I have to say I love Sewaholic patterns, I have never had a bad experience with them in terms of construction and the designs really fit my style – modern but not too fussy, and fitted not shapeless. So when the Gabriola pattern was released I was sold but the making of it got delayed a bit. However, before Christmas I pulled everything together. The main fabric is a really nice cotton I got for free with dolly in the summer. I got lots of free fabric, but most of it is not really ‘me’ but these varied colour and width grey stripes really really are. I got at least 6 metres of this, so there is plenty left over. The plain grey yoke is a plain grey poplin that I accidentally ordered a metre of instead of a sample – thankfully it matched my stripes so there was no waste or unnecessary addition to my stash.


Showing off the cevron effect along the seams.

With so many stripes on the bias along adjoining edges I didn’t even try to stripe match although because of the mixed size stripes I still have a really nice chevron effect along the seams, without trying. Construction was straight forward with little of note to report. There is a sign of some slight buckling along the bias edges of the yokes, as other sewists have reported so beware this one – in future I might stabilise these seams somehow in construction. I did a simple zigzag stitich to finish the edges. I wanted to create an overlap on the waistband to put a button, but I didn’t manage it, so hook and eye it was.

The one variation I made was to add in seam pockets. Anyone surprised? I used my standard pattern piece from the tiramisu dress. My first attempt put them in far too low – I couldn’t even reach the entrance. I ripped them out and resewed them with the top of the pocket level with the seam between the yokes, even this is barely high enough, next time I would put these in even higher, starting several inches above the yoke seam.

Other than that it worked fine out of the envelope – it even fitted with no adjustments! A rare thing for me – this is partly because the skirt is loose over the hips. The skirt was plenty long enough with a very very generous 4inch double folded hem, with 1.5 to 3 inches cut off the bottom (least at the front, most at the back due to my generous rear end).so next time I would shorten the pattern by 2 inches all the way around. I feel great when wearing this, what more can you ask from a great wardrobe piece?

And one overexposed shot, that looks loverly and artistic.

And one overexposed shot, that looks loverly and artistic.

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