Green wool Bronte t-shirt

I clocked the bronte top when it was released and bought, printed and assembled the pattern when I was ill in the autumn. I even bought the fabric I wanted to use on a long afternoon fabric shopping from the sofa. However, for various reasons it didn’t get made up until January. However, as part of my current phase of fast knit tops, here it is!


The back view on Dolly.

I remember when I did the research for this I found several blog posts detailing fit issues with this pattern particularly with the shoulders and upper back , and therefore I did consider muslining, but in the end I just decided to go for it. The only adjustment I made was a no dart FBA of 2cm.

The fabric I used was the same wool knit that I used for my Kristen kimono top in the bottle green, with the neckband in the navy. Having had a traumatic experience of the stretch of this fabric, I went back into super stabalisation mode. Therefore, immediately upon unpinning I fused stretch tricot interfacing to both neckbands, the neckline, and the arm and bottom hems. And I mean immediately – the unpinning was done on my ironing board with precut interfacing and a hot iron ready – from pins to fused in 30 seconds. Once this was done I followed the construction instructions and it was easy – from cutting to hemming this only took an afternoon and that is lightening for me. I used a ¾ sleeve length as that is my preferred when there are no cuffs (I hate sleeves hanging over my hands uninvited).


A close up of the neckline on Dolly.

Ok, I lie, it was not 100% finished in one afternoon – I took it to work the next day to consult on buttons. I was choosing between 6 tiny blue shirt buttons or two larger green/blue pottery buttons from my stash. As you can see popular opinion was with the blue/green buttons, and I do like the effect – it is amazing how well the colours match. I am sad the fabric shop doesn’t have any more of these.


Why do I always have serious face on the front facing photos that are in focus?

I am pleased with the overall outcome of this pattern. As you can see the fit is good, if a little close. Next time, depending on my knit, I might go up a size to make it a bit less close fitting. I might also try to lower the neckline a bit – in the photos of Lauren the neckline looks a bit lower – on me it is fairly high up around my collarbones and I think it would be nicer a little lower. Finally I think I could lengthen this slightly, and broaden the back at the hips to prevent the small amount of riding up it does. Overall, I think this is a really stylish take on a basic knit t-shirt, and I like the colour variation options with the neckbands and buttons – the style definitely makes a simple knit t-shirt work appropriate.


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