Aubergine v -neck Renfrew

IMG_1336Next in my current line of fast (and probably unintersting) knit tops is another Sewaholic Renfrew. This time I did the v-neck version with a full length sleeve. The fabric I used was this rich dark aubergine viscose from the clothshop, which is a great fabric for the price, but tends to gather hairs, threads etc, so I wouldn’t recommend it for a pet owner. The colour doesn’t show well in photos, but it is a beautiful deep purple – like aubergine skins, as described.

As I have made this top before there is only a limited amount to say about the construction. My cowl neck version was a bit baggy in places, so I graded down to a size smaller for the wrist end of the sleeves. For the cowl neck version I did I did a 2cm no dart FBA and then another 3cm using a standard Y adjustment, rotating the dart around into the neckline. This seemed to provide slightly too large FBA for a knit fabric, so this time I only applied the 2cm no dart FBA. I kept the forward thrust shoulder and broad shoulder adjustment I did for the cowl neck version.

IMG_1339During construction I found the sleeve was about an inch too long so I had to trim that off before adding the sleeve band – next time I could remove this much from the pattern piece. After wearing I am happy with the smaller FBA and sleeve size. With this version of the top I have a bit of an issue with the back riding up – I think I need to broaden the back piece at the hips slightly to prevent this. It is not so bad to make the top unwearable, but it is annoying. I also have a preference for longer tops, and I think I could happily make this top an inch longer for wearing with jeans.

IMG_1260IMG_1327Other than these small fit issues this top was easy to whip up in one afternoon, and I like the v-neck version – the band came out well and this is another good basic top. Not so exciting, but excellent wardrobe building.

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