Spring/Summer 2015 sewing plans

I thought I would do a Spring/Summer sewing plans post as doing one in the autumn helped focus me on my sewing priorities. Over the past few years I have sewn quite a few dresses, and over the last year quite a few skirts so I want to get some tops sewn up, but to be honest my sewing plans are mostly being guided by the fabric I have stashed. The good news is that after my a run of plain solid sewing, almost all the fabric I have stashed is patterned – things are about to get more interesting.

T015-DemiDeep-teal-viscose-jersey-fabric-185x300Peacock-printed-viscose-jersey-fabric-185x300Stylearc Demi drape top in peacock and deep teal viscose from clothspot.co.uk (currently in progress)


Deep-marine-green-viscose-jersey-fabric2-185x300065f46d0d5baaa1f69ee0d95f9066c9aMcCalls 7092 top. Mainly in deep marine green viscose also from clothspot.co.uk., with a contrast piece in the v-neck from the Demi-drape top peacock or deep teal.

il_570xN.404660035_36z0IMG_1526A Tiramisu. This one isn’t for me – my friend is turning 30 and having a big do so I wanted to sew something for her. At the time I made this decision I had just made an online impulse purchase of some very cool domino print viscose jersey. Unfortunately, as DH pointed out, neither black or white are my usual colours, however, my friend is a big gamer, so that was a great match. I am confident she will love the shape of the tiramisu and the domino print will look very funky.

anmahoprpoma1Sally Gray Resized 2Sally shirt-dress . I started fitting the pattern for this in autumn, but realised that it would be winter by the time it was sewn up, so I wouldn’t be wearing it. The fabric I have for it is A in Anna Maria aubergine Mary Thistle quilting cotton bought from John Lewis with a gift voucher. Once the fitting is sorted I hope this will be a fairly quick sew.

IMG_1511Kirsten kimono top. I found this purple tiger print jersey in the remnant box at my local fabric shop – I think it will make a great simple Kirsten top which shouldn’t take long to whip up.


a9f378689d6764e799c5365520b491daBurgundy-silk-mix-crepe-fabric1-214x300This silk mix crepe is a 1 metre remnant from clothspot.co.uk. I was inspired by the photo to make some sort of cowl neck to take advantage of the drape in this fabric. I have not 100% settled on a pattern yet, but I am considering the Cool cowl top from In House patterns.

3afa5b916c7254409af4f2844ce78269IMG_1529I need more wrap dresses in my life and I have a TNT pattern for wovens; OOP Simplicity 6674. I bought this bight flowery cotton my one of the Edinburgh fabric stores last year, but didn’t get time to sew it up before winter moved in.


1fc114a8d73cf96ac6c841ee30d70de8IMG_1541This cotton is out of the remnant box in my local fabric store. I want to use it to make a summery version of Vogue 1182, which I have made before in a heavier satin. Vogue 1182 needs lining, which is good because this cotton is so light it needs lining for decency. Hopefully as the patten is already adjusted this should be another quick sew.

dcf13d9333588980c5a352d4f4a29084IMG_1547This is a UFO from the end of last summer. I started making a maxi sleeveless version of Simplicity 1801 out of this light knit, the fit needed quite a bit of work, and since the season was turning I left it as a UFO. Now it needs finished.

a3fb77081e2c16876b3e33daf497009dLavender-grey-flowered-cotton-fabric2-185x300I haven’t actually finished fitting my first Edith blouse – I am not working at the moment, so I wouldn’t be wearing it anyway, but I love the pattern and I love the fact you can get a blouse out of a metre, and I have done most of the fitting work on it. When I saw this ‘Blooming seventies’ lavender-grey floral cotton on clothspot.co.uk I knew instantly it would make a great blouse – a relatively neutral colour, but with some interest through the pattern.

IMG_1538b8bb7b5d30ef5af6fdddd58300f950dfI got this navy and white patterned John Kaldor fabric free with Dolly last summer. A burn test suggests it is most likely a polyester. I don’t usually sew with polyester as I prefer natural fibres, but since 60b22222dc1bf6291ede8482d3c0d4edit was free and I like the pattern I figure I might as well use it. The first pattern I that came to mind is Vogue 8814, which I think would make lovely floatly summer dress. However I have also realised this could make a lovely Gabriola skirt – I was inspired by the floaty skirts that were being sewn up last summer. I have got lots of wear out of my last two maxi skirts so maybe this would be a sensible call wearability wise. I’m not sure which I will go with, but I think both would make good use of the drapey properties of this fabric.

74ac687bc3d590474b4e63ff81e400e7IMG_1532This is another summer dress I just didn’t get the time to sew up last year. I know the Maryilyn dress will look great on me and I found this beautiful blue cotton in John Lewis last year.


ae56d67b8ff649a509fc76815517454cDensely-flowered-cerise-cotton-poplin-fabric3-300x272Butterick 4790; the Walkaway dress. Like so many sewers, I suspect,  I fell in love with the Walkaway dress when it was featured on the Great British Sewing bee. I recently got some of this Densely-flowered cerise cotton poplin fabric which I think will make a great bright summer dress.

6d04711d654ded1ccaea9d6d9199020fBetsy skirt. I have been wanting to make a Betsy skirt for a while, but have been lacking inspiration for the fabric. Recently I found some leftover denim in my stash and realised this would be a great workhorse skirt combo.


cd23f4391912d934a5365f748a34eadeIMG_1518This is another light cotton out of the remnant box from my local fabric shop. I haven’t worked out what to do with it yet – perhaps Simplicity 2053, 6209 or Vogue 8814





IMG_0828IMG_1543Finally I want to try one of the patterns from my CSC christmas swap present, Bold and Beautiful patterns. This jacket has caught my eye, and I have this wool cotton blend fabric in a pale purple (it has come out quite blue in this photo).

Fabric shopping list

– A knit wrap dress

– Walking trousers

– A blazer of some kind


A few fabrics lurking in my stash without a pattern match yet


3m of this blue striped cotton chambray from clothspot.co.uk


3m of this autunmal knit


More of this viscose grey polka dot knit which I used for a dress for my niece.


Enough for a top in each of these three viscose knits from clothspot.co.uk in deep teal, peacock print and deep green.

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2 Responses to Spring/Summer 2015 sewing plans

  1. Frau Leo says:

    Hi Ellie! I know this post has been written a while ago but I was wondering whether you know the manufacturer of the peacock fabric? It’s been sold out at Clothspot but I just love the look of it and would like to make a Cashmerette Appleton Dress out of it. Thanks, Andrea

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